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Creative music video about an intense robbery and the trouble that comes with it.

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original title: The Weeknd: False Alarm

genge: Short,Action,Crime,Music


imdb: 8.4

duration: 6min



keywords: onecontinuoustake, musicvideo, bank, money, falsealarm



































Creative music video about an intense robbery and the trouble that comes with it. The official video for the song was presented on the official Vevo-account of the artist on YouTube on October 13, 2016. The video is played as a first-person shooter with a camera showing the viewpoint of one of the bank robbers during the culmination of the critical situation with the hostages, which ends with the death of most of them. The director was Ilya Naishuller, who also produced the film "Hardcore Henry." If you cherish your brain cells, you'll avoid this film. The director clearly has no idea how to develop a plot or anything even resembling character development. Why anyone would ever fund one of his films is beyond me. Dude needs to retire and get a job doing wedding videos. I love the f- out of Ilya Naishuller's Bad Motherf-er, i may have replayed the living heck out of that video, with Hardcore Henry he had definitely outdone himself.

And with his latest hit, surprisingly a music video for another music group that is not Biting Elbows, takes an action-packed, kinetic and highly entertaining project that serves as both an insanely well choreographed bank-robbing scenario and a kick-ass dressing for a kick-ass song.

It also shows how much he liked his collab on Payday's 2 script since the bank heist scenario, while shorter than the other half and thus concentrating more on the runaway, is gritty, police forces and bystanders are getting shot at, and the POV's character, is such a cool out mix of Henry's likeliness as an anti-heroic character (not that he doesn't show to be giving a f- to people at surroundings, but neither does he look unapparent to that) and a mercilessly random GTA player, it gives a conscience to the "Hero" and the smallest emotions shared toward him and another character are well rounded and realized.

(Although i feel like between this and HH, Ilya has quite a different point of view of love.)

Also, Ilya Naishuller manages to achieve something quite odd, by giving some charisma to the main character, because he really doesn't show to be a perfect action hero, nor he does things done flawlessly on his own, it's a somewhat nice character you kinda effortlessly root for.

Expect also quite amazing stuntwork and awesome blood-thirsty gunfire-driven action that while not being as mindblowingly gory as Hardcore Henry, it doesn't stop it from being more violent than the standard music video as it genuinely feels as though you were watching a next-gen gameplay of an FPS.

And quite an excitingly blood-pumping good short action story well told in less time that a film could do so.


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